I'd like to thank the following people for all their help and support with the repeaters.

Jeanette Ravelini (G1UPT) Tony's Part Time Secretary

For repeater’s callsign and for endless other support.

Alan Smith (G6XFI) Support

For his help and support with the repeater.

Dave Dawson (G7UZN) Technical Support Engineer

For his hard work and help in the research and modifying Philips FX-5000 repeater Base Stations getting repeater up and running, now replaced with Nokia Base Station and new repeater logic. The loan of Wacom cavities.

Dave donated the loan of Wacom cavities to repeater which worked better in the first place!, Many Thanks Dave. Dave is no longer involved with our project due to taking on new responsibilities with RSGB, becoming an representative for South East. Good Luck with this Dave.

Samuel Hunt (M1FJB) Technical Support Engineer

For his help, advice and upgrade on the Nokia Base Station.

Mark Hayman (G8RDE) Technical Support Engineer

For his support on the FX5000 repeater Base Station.

Ken (M3GTI) Equipment

Whom, I purchased most of the repeater equipment, FX5000 Base Station, which we have since replaced for the Nokia Base Stations.

Dave Lisney (G0FVT)

For his advice about possible problems, on the FX5000 repeater Base Station.

John Drury, (G4YVL)

Generous donation of the Datong RF Direction Finding Equipment, It is with great sadness we learn that John passed away

Dave (GD4HOZ)

The great help in getting the hex code right for the frequencies of the FX5000 repeater Base Station.

Jeff Otterson of NHRC (USA) logic

Help and guidance with programming the NHRC repeater logic and remote DTMF control logic.

Derek Basson (M1NTY)

Helping hand, to the repeater’s project.

Phil (G4EGU) & Rob (G6CKK)

Setup and support for Echolink.

Rod Wikinson (G3TXA) Ofcom

For the cooperation, support and quick response for amendments of the NoV repeater and internet gateway frequency change, Rod has since left Ofcom and I would like to take theis opportunity in wishing him well and expressing my best wishes to him, since he is no longer in his position at Ofcom, there is a noticiable change for the worse with regards to attiudes to amatuer radio.

Michael (G8WOY) & Jeff at Kenwood

Thanks to the professional radio engineering team who made the Nokia VHF BSR150 and UHF BSR450 Repeater Base Stations equipment available for me to purchase at a reasonable cost and for their hard work in tuning, aligning both repeaters and the programming of the Zetron logic controllers.

Also donated Jaybeam UHF 4 Stacked Dipole antenna for GB3LK.

Tony (G4RYX) Echolink Radio

For donating a spare Yaesu FT2800M for EchoLink.

Paul (M3XLD) UHF PMR Radio

For donating a TAIT 2000 UHF Mobile Radio for the future repeater controller.

Gary (2E0ULA) For his help

For presentation evening at Surrey Radio Contact Club, Sutton & Cheam Radio Club about GB3OK and 2nd annual. newsletter. Gary has been very supported throughout and has assisted me with most of the daily running of the repeaters and continous effortlessly with all technical issues.

Alan (G1OMH) For his help

I'd like to thank for his professional help in most suitable technical configuration and align, testing of the AFL cavitie resonators and making up of associated cable harness for GB3OK.

It is with great sadness we learn that Alan Stanley, G1OMH passed away on 28th February 2007. His humour and wit will be missed by all. Alan Rest In Peace.

Aerial Facilities Limited

I'd like thank the professional team at AFL for helping Alan, G1OMH in technical advice on the best configuration performance and technical support.

Denis Stanton (G0OLX) and Repeater Keeper for GB3NS

Thanks to Denis for his professional retuning and aligning of the GB3OK AFL repeater cavities and later re-tuning the original Wacoms cavities. Also for the technical support on GB3OK and GB3LK.

Rod Vale (M3VMV)

Generous donation of two APC Back-UPS CS, 350VA/210W. This equipment now provides battery backup power for the Echolink and lost data on the computer.

Michael (2E0UMB)

Generous donation of remote LCD Monitor for the Echo-Link System.

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