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Tony, G1HIG Founder Member and Manager/coordinator of the Bromley Repeater Group with Notice of Variations for GB7OK, GB3OK, MB6IOK and EchoLink System Operator.

I attended Brixton College (London) for further education in 1983 for the RAE became licensed in June 1984 with the callsign G1HIG.

Self Employed Fire and Intruder Alarm technician in the service industry and often mobile. Mainly active on GB7OK, 145.7125 MHz or GB3OK, 439.5125 MHz repeaters and now active from home with the new Icom IC-2820 on D-Star via GB7OK. If you hear me on the repeater please don't hesitate to give me a call.

e-mail: Tony, G1HIG
Group Telephone Number: 07904 723300
Location: Orpington, Kent.
Tony, G1HIG  
Jeanette, G1UPT Secretary for the Bromley Repeater Group.

I attended Brixton College (London) for further education in 1984 for the RAE became licensed in June 1985 with the callsign G1UTP

Wife of G1HIG Tony the repeater keeper.

e-mail: Jeanette, G1UPT
Group Telephone Number: 07904 723300
Location: Orpington, Kent.
Jeanette, G1UPT  
Garry, 2E0ULA

Technical & Supporting Member / Keyholder

From summer months of 2006, I became increasingly involved with my local repeater, GB7OK & GB3OK. I conducted presentations about the repeater to local clubs and have also written the newsletter for the repeater.

If you are local to the repeater and would like a presentation at your club please contact me.

Hope to speak to you soon, 73's for now.

e-mail: Gary, 2E0ULA
Location: Gravesend, Kent.
Garry Stevens, 2E0ULA  
Michael, 2E0MRE

Technical & Supporting Member / Keyholder

Has only been a licenced amateur since November 2009 and has became increasingly involved with the local repeaters.

Has been helping Tony (G1HIG) and Gary (2E0ULA) with upkeep of the repeaters and D Star nodes and offering advice when he can.

Michael started the FaceBook page for the repeaters and Twitter. The on-line audio streaming is also done by Michael.

Michael now runs a DV Simplex node MB6SS South London "Sutton Surrey", details are on

e-mail: Michael, 2E0MRE
Location: Dartford, Kent.
Michael Bullions, 2E0MRE  
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You can contact the Bromley Repeater Group by Telephone: 07904 723300

This mobile may be switched off during unsociable hours, but you can still leave a text or voice message.

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Bromley Repeater Group
15 Clarendon Green
Kent. BR5 2NY

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