Echolink Node 280040
GB3OK Echolink
For licensed Radio Amateurs, EchoLink® opens up new possibilities for communicating around the world with other amateurs. Your PC links you or your local repeater to any of thousands of other stations over the Internet.

There are several different ways you can use the EchoLink software. You can set up a "simplex link" in your shack, with a VHF or UHF transceiver connected to your PC, to allow anyone in range of your station to communicate by voice with any other EchoLink station around the world. Or, you can use the PC's microphone and speakers and remotely connect to any of more than 2,000 different repeaters that have EchoLink capability and more than 170,000 registered users in 158 nations worldwide!

DTMF commands allow stations to be searched or connected by callsign, or the status of any station to be queried and allow you to dial up a node number in any part of the world and just listen in on a QSO. It is up to you to announce your presence and join in.

EchoLink is normally assigned a 6-digit node number. However, there are also some 4-digit numbers and 5-digit numbers that are currently unassigned.

Echolink Repeater Operating Procedure
  1. Where repeaters are linked, your transmissions will be heard on the output of all the linked Repeaters, Gateway Links and PC Users so the golden rule is to listen listen listen.

  2. Operation of a linked repeater is the same as a normal repeater, except that the coverage is much greater.

  3. Please remember that using the DTMF tones to move your Link can be heard through the repeater and it can be annoying to others so keep them to a minimum also give your callsign and a brief explanation of what you are doing.

  4. If you do move the LINK with the DTMF tones and connect to other Repeaters / Links don't forget to disconnect the repeater using the # key.

  5. There is about a 3 second delay when working through the internet links so don't forget to leave a good gap between overs to enable others to break in.

  6. Use simplex wherever possible freeing the repeater for necessary uses.

  7. Monitor the repeater (listen) or determine if the repeater is in use, and if there are any peculiarities in its operation. After listening for a few seconds, identify, un key and listen to see if it was quiet for a reason, and to allow someone to let you know if there is a reason not to continue (low audio, low signal strength, etc). Then, if all OK, proceed.

  8. Don’t break into a contact unless you have something to add. Interrupting is no more polite on the air than it is in person. Interruption without identification constitutes malicious (and illegal) interference.

  9. Use the minimum power to key up the LINK. To make contact, simply indicate that you are on frequency. For example "G1ABC monitoring". Do not kerchunk.

  10. Remember amateur radio transmissions are being monitored by many non-hams with scanners. Watch your language and your manners. Please don't bring disrepute on the Amateur Radio Service.

  11. Links & Repeaters are intended to facilitate mobile and portable operation. During rush hours, base stations should relinquish the repeater to commuting mobiles. Some repeater owners have strict rules requiring this.

  12. Keep transmissions short and thoughtful. Do not monopolize the repeater. Pause between transmissions to allow other amateurs to identify themselves if they wish to use the repeater. Pausing also allows the timer to reset, avoiding a "time-out"

  13. Identify legally. In the UK that means at the beginning and end of a contact or every 15 minutes of operation.

  14. Repeaters are installed and maintained at considerable expense. Regular users of a repeater should financially support repeater groups to keep the repeaters on air.
Not Supported Connects to a random node
Not Supported Connects to a random link
Not Supported Connects to a random conference
Not Supported Connects to a random user
04 N/A
05 N/A
06 Query by call
07 Query by node
08 Querey who is connected to the link
09 Reconnect previously connected station
010 N/A
011 Random Fav Links
* Plays link information
# Disconnects most recently connected node
Not Supported Disconnects all nodes
Not Supported Shut down link
Not Supported Bring link up
Echolink Information Server (E.L.I.S), is now available on GB3OK
*00# Play Echolink Information Server Help File
*n# Play Information for Motorway n [i.e. For the M1 *1# ]
*nn# Play User Defined Local Radio Club News etc
*# Read out current time
*98# This is the suggested command for weather reports
Not Supported Play the News or Sports Headlines (Not available)
GB3AE-R Tenby 117405 702
GB3AI-R Amersham, Bucks 4969 730
GB3AG-R Dundee Gateway 117931 714
GB3AH-R Dereham, Norfolk 126469 703
GB3AL-R Amersham, Buckinghamshire 19063 704
GB3AM-R Amersham, Bucks 4125 705
GB3AR-R Caernarfon, North Wales 206003 740
GB3BC-R Newport Wales 39300 720
GB3BN-R Bracknell, Berks 1938 717
GB3BS-R Bristol 230964 741
GB3BY-R Kidderminster 6624 742
GB3CG-R Gloucester 190502 727
GB3CM-R Camarthen 219698 743
GB3CS-R Central Scotland 167078 744
GB3DB-R Scottish Borders 116678 719
GB3DG-R Dumfries and Galloway 11659  
GB3DV-R Maltby 120618 716
GB3DW-R Criccieth, North Wales 258658 745
GB3DX-R Birmingham 7125 701
GB3EK-R Margate, Kent. 48360 706
GB3FH-R North. Somerset 228585 746
GB3FK-R Folkestone, Kent 235976 747
GB3GN-R Aberdean, Scotland 19583 715
GB3HD-R Huddersfield, West Yorks 114580 707
GB3HE-R Hastings, Kent 115293 708
GB3HH-R Boxton, Derbyshire 97616 721
GB3IE-R Plymouth, Devon 27871 709
GB3IK-R Medway Towns, Kent. 263025 748
GB3IN-R Huthwaite, Notts 98258 710
GB3IR-R North East England 1353 771
GB3JF-R Asgarby, Lincs 3805 749
GB3KD-R Kidderminster 187981 750
GB3KL-R Kings Lynn 77266 751
GB3KR-R Kidderminster 4304 752
GB3LS-R Lincoln 268511 753
GB3LV-R Enfiled, London.  433.050 MHz 155403 726
GB3LY-R Coleraine N.Ireland 39437 712
GB3MI-R Manchester Cty 197681 728
GB3NC-R St Austell, Cornwall 282184 754
GB3ND-R Bideford 221334 775
GB3NK-R Erith, Kent 54760 713
GB3NY-R Scarborough 219719 756
GB3OH-R Bo'ness, Scotland 37878 722
GB3OK-R London, Kent & Essex. 280040 777
GB3PA-R Langbank, West Scotland 116678 723
GB3PZ-R Manchester 2591 718
GB3SB-R Scottish Borders 116678 757
GB3SD-R South Dorset 112689 758
GB3SW-R Honiton, Devon 280783 759
GB3TD-R Swindon, Wilts. 43307 760
GB3TE-R Plymouth 27871 761
GB3TF-R Telford, Shropshire 124691 724
GB3TP-R Keighley, W Yorks 257033 762
GB3UB-R Bath 201135 763
GB3WE-R Weston, Somerset 230805 764
GB3WO-R West Oxfordshire 170343 765
GB3XN-R Langold, Notts 153126 725
GB3YR-R Maltby Sorth Yorks 251071 766
G0WMC-L Eynsford, Ken. (70.4125) 212695 551
G0WYG-L Bromley, Kent. (433.9625) 3275 552
G1UNL-L London. (433.9875) 90596 553
G4SNT-L Twickenham, West London. 14373 554
G7PRH-L Barking, London. (434.500) 4353 555
G8NDL-L Swanley, Kent. (430.0625) 263052 559
MB7IMS-L Maidstone, Kent. (145.2125MHz) 77Hz 265553  
MB7IIK-L Rainham, Kent. (145.2875MHz) 103.5Hz 256973  
MB7IPH-L Headcorn, Kent. (145.2375MHz) 103.5Hz 254459  
MB7IMP-L Hawkinge, Kent. (145.2125Mhz) 103.5Hz 265553  
MB7IOU-L Beeding, West Sussex, (145.2875) 6566 556
KENT Kent Conference Server 257078  
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