GB7OK - 2mtr D-Star Repeater
145.7125 tx - 145.1125 rx - (600 kHz split)

D-STAR Across LondonWelcome to the first D-STAR Repeater for London, GB7OK, the New 2 mtr D-Star repeater (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) which was commissioned and went on-air on the 22nd of December 2008, just in time for Christmas Holidays.

At this stage it's performing beyond all expectations and I hope you enjoy your first contacts through this new repeater.  Tony will start working on the interface for the D-Star system with a Linux server which will serve as an internet gateway.

D-STAR - Repeater

The new D-Star repeater is owned by Tony, G1HIG and operates under the callsign of GB7OK.

GB7OK, D-Star repeater came on air on the 22nd December and it appears to be working very well, Tony is thinking of trying to get a weekly net on GB7OK on a Wednesday evening, we will give it ago to see whether there is a need for this so we will be starting this on Wednesday 7th January at 8.00pm and every Wednesday after that.

The Wednesday Net is being established for all D-Star users to get to know each other and to promote the use of the D-Star and the many features it has to offer, also for all of us to gain further knowledge using this new mode. All D Star radios users are invited to participate.

If your own Amateur Radio Club meets on Wednesday your Club is more than welcome to join in.

Setting up your D-STAR Radio the frequencies and offsets, (145.7125 and a -0.6 offset).  Offsets are set as any normal radio.   You then need to set the ‘CALLSIGN’ menu to the following:
When you enter the menu there should be 4 lines that need completing as below.
Your: CQCQCQ  
RPT1: GB7OK C There are 2 spaces between the ‘K’ and the ‘C’
*VERY IMPORTANT* The ‘C’ must be the 8th character.
RPT2: GB7OK G There are 2 spaces between the ‘K’ and the ‘G’
*VERY IMPORTANT* The ‘G’ must be the 8th character.
MY: YOUR CALLSIGN / **** Instead of ‘****’ this is where people put ‘M’ for mobile or which radio they are using etc.
You can then enter the ‘MESSAGE’ menu and under the ‘TX MESSAGE’ you can put a small message such as
your name or location or even your website.  There are only about 25 characters available!

Don’t forget to have the radio in ‘DV’ mode otherwise the menus won’t be available!!!!

Memory files are available to download for the Icom D-Star IC-E91, IC-E92 & IC-2820

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