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The original gb3ok repeater has undergone quite a few changes since it came on air.  It started life as a 2mtr repeater, and later a 70cms repeater, gb3lk, was added.  Recently, the 2mtr gb3ok ceased transmitting when it was replaced with a D-Star repeater which became gb7ok.  Shortly after that, the 70cms repeater, gb3lk, took over the callsign of gb3ok. 

So the current setup now looks like this:

GB3OK:  70cms FM - 439.5125 MHz tx - 430.5125 MHz rx - (9 MHz split) 82.5 CTCSS Access (New Frequency)

GB7OK:  2mtr D-STAR - 145.7125 MHz tx - 145.1125 MHz rx - (600 kHz split)

MB6IOK:  70cms D-STAR Node - 430.0375 MHz tx rx - (Simplex D-Star Hot Spot)

Both repeaters continue to share the same site at Chelsfield and simplex D-Star Hot Spot is in Orpington.

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The BRG Website is broken down into two main sections, each with it's own areas.

The MAIN website, which you are viewing now, is the backbone of it all.  Here you will find both the main news and all of the static information covering the Bromley Repeater Group, GB3OK, GB7OK & MB6IOK.  The "Events and News" section (above) will be updated as often as we can, and the remainder of the site will be expanded as and when interesting or important matters arise.

The Guestbook, is a place where you can drop in just to say hello and let us know you've been here.  There have already been a fair number of visitors to the Guestbook, and I would like to take this opportunity to say a big "Thank you" to both those who have already signed and to those who visit in the future.

The Forum:  There is also an off-site Forum where you can take part in discussions and post links to your own events.

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