12/02/12 – GB7OK and MB6IOK have been extremely busy all weekend

It has been noted that GB7OK and MB6IOK have been extremely busy all weekend, I have listened briefly and it was good to hear the special event station aboard US Medway on Saturday which is out of service many years and is a museum.

Youtube Video Link: MB6IOK & GB7OK DStar London – USS Medway.

It has also been noted that my call sign has been listed on the last heard list on Saturday, it appears that someone else is using my callsign ident not only has mine been used but also G6XFI, this caused quite a lot of disruption and went on for most of day, this is obviously a new way of being a nuisance on the repeater and this has increased only since the new node has been on air, so again this has obviously upset someone, we all probably know who it is? Most will know it is very unlikely that I am even on the radio over the weekend or weekday evenings, what is ironic that mine and G6XFI’s that are being used, this must be due to the fact that we are founder members of the Bromley Repeater Group. So if you see my callsign and you haven’t heard me, it will be more or likely impersonator.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper)