15/01/12 – London 2012 Olympic Simplex DStar Nodes

Just to inform you, that the digital node test for the pending London 2012 Olympic Simplex DStar Nodes is planned, it will be a 2 day event next weekend Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of January.

The test will be carried out both on 2m & 70cm in Echo Test Mode Only (without DStar Gateway) between hours of 10am till 4pm. The DStar node will record your digital test transmission and then retransmit it back to you, at the same time you will then be able to see what type of coverage we will have.

DV Node Test Frequency
Saturday 21st on 433.4125 MHz
Sunday 22nd on 145.3125 MHz

The two frequencies for the test are only test frequencies and not permanent, Also Gary, 2E0ULA and Michael, 2E0MRE will be on hand for assistance and talk back will be on to be GB7OK, please let us know how well you can receive DStar Node your information will help! If there are any changes look up Bromley Repeater Group on Facebook.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper)