20/02/12 – MB6INL DV Gateway Node

OK guys after the great success of the GMSK Node Adaptor that is now MB6IOK, I couldn’t resist it and took the plunge and applied for MB6INL as a DV simplex gateway node also on UHF.

Firstly, I must say thank you to Steve Morton G8SFR at the ETCC for the very rapid response to my application and OFCOM for the equally as speedy issuing of the NoV, applied on the Saturday evening, received the issued license on the Thursday afternoon – only 5 days later, including a weekend!! By the time you get to read this MB6INL will have had its preliminary tests and will be fully operational whenever I get the chance to fire it up, (it’s an attended node only, so it will be mainly evenings and daily some weekends.) To begin with, all traffic passing through the system will be logged and recorded automatically so I can keep a tally on its use and coverage which means I won’t require coverage reports, but if there are any problems, issues or recommendations then please feel free to email me. I look forward to hearing you through MB6INL on 430.025 MHz,

73 2E0ULA

17/02/12 – GB7OK Wednesday Night Net

Due to the recent increased activity on 7OK, Colin G1LQT has kindly volunteered to resurrect the Wednesday Night Net. Colin has informed us that he will start the net next week, (22 Feb 12), around 19:30 hours and all are welcome. The intention is to have this every week, but due to his work commitments Colin has said he will not be able to attend/control every week, so more volunteers are welcome to step forward and cover the net controller position! Let’s hope the gateway/server is behaving itself so the net can capture a wider audience!

Look forward to Wednesday 73 de 2E0ULA