29/09/11 – Just to inform all our users and abusers

Just to inform all our users and abusers it was good to hear that both repeaters are backup and running, and the increase of activity on both repeaters GB3OK & GB7OK was also good to hear.

While we’re on the subject of abusers, I would like to remind you as we have now just gone past the 7th anniversary of the first repeater coming on air. I have had to put up with over the years, due to the success of the repeaters it is certainly come at a price, looking back at the history of what’s gone on.

We have had continuous music being played over the repeaters which included Bob Marley ‘jammin’, the ‘Benny Hill, theme tune’ and various well-known 70s tracks plus various website being built M0CRY and G7WIR even gone as far buying domain names under my wifes and repeaters callsign placed on the Internet to attack the repeater and my family and those that have supported me through the project have also been targeted.

Then there’s kerchunk over the repeater to hear the courtesy tone go beep then there is the timid jammer who waits at least one minute to kerchunk until the thumb gets tired and when there is a good QSO going on repeaters, we get DTMF tones to cause as much disruption as possible to stop the users from using the repeaters. (If he can’t use them he don’t want us to use them) then no one gets to use

Like everyone else, I have ways of dealing with jammers. I don’t have all the answers, but I have had some luck with different ways of making their pastime a little more difficult. I have pursued and caught several different jammers in the last 7 years while some of my repeater users sat at home watching TV. I have been asked many times over “what you going about this guy”? Jammers are very well aware of the “ignore them and they’ll go away” mentality.

They love it! “Just ignore um”! How many times have you heard that said? You know what? It doesn’t work. What do you think you should ignore it and it will go away? Well all ignoring is helping him achieve his goal, ignoring makes the repeater quiet and that is their goal.

Don’t get stressed, give stress. It’s the only effective way in dealing with jammers.

The most funniest thing that made me laugh was when I heard “these are your repeaters being abused” by M0CRY. As for going to Ofcom to enforce communications laws is a joke. There is no enforcement for amateur radio.

16/09/11 – GB7OK & GB3OK – Technical Problem

GB7OK & GB3OK is currently off air due to an as yet unknown technical problem.

So far I have been too busy to get up to the site to investigate, and will probably not be able to do so until next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience.  Service will be restored as soon as possible.

05/09/11 – After 7 years the Jammers are back to join us

After 7 years of continuous abuse, The Jammers are back to join us. it’s up to you if you wish too engage in conversation. Let’s not let them take over the repeater, which has happened before, as they’re for all, Look on the bright side while they’re on the repeaters, it is not being jammed.

In the meantime come and join us on Facebook.

05/07/11 – Barry Capper G4DBC

With sadness that I heard Paul XLD informing us that Barry Capper G4DBC, fondly known as Double Burger and Chips, is no longer with us, we believe that he passed away some time last month, as a remark of respect the repeater GB3OK will turned off from midnight on Sunday 8th August until midnight Monday 9th August.

Barry was a member of Raynet and also was involved with Scouting Groups helping them maintain their Radio Communication Badge. Barry was a regular user of the repeater while working in various schools in the Bexley area, we will all remember him for his humour and for his other hobby, easting Jelly babies. I am sure you will all agree as we offer our condolences to his family.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper).

22/05/11 – The only effective way of dealing with the jammer

As you are all aware our jammer on the repeaters is back, it appears that this is only happening Monday to Friday from a mobile station and is very sporadic probably between service calls (less 10% of the day). His only aim is to stop us using the repeaters or for me to switch them off, as the repeater keeper I can assure you all, that the remote shut down facility that the repeaters have will not be used and under no circumstances will the repeaters go off air for any amount of time. He is very well aware of “ignore him and he will go away” mentality, So carry on regardless, don’t get stressed, give stress, carry on using the repeaters, this is the only effective way of dealing with him, once you make comments about leaving him to it, he has achieved his goal. Let’s keep these repeaters for the users rather than the jammer.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper).

24/04/11 – GB2RS News this Sunday

Just to inform you all below is a part of the news which will be read out on Sunday. This will affect GB3OK and other repeaters in this area and also in areas where any of the 2012 games will be held. I’ve known about this for some time, at this stage we are not sure the impact this will hold.

As expected, the RSGB has been approached by Ofcom to help determine sections of the 70cm amateur band that could be released for a limited period around the London 2012 Games next year. As a secondary user of the band, we as radio amateurs have no specific rights to any of those frequencies. Rather than just imposing changes, Ofcom has approached the Society in the spirit of cooperation to work together to solve the problem. The RSGB intends to work constructively on this matter to reach agreement with Ofcom on the segments that can be released on a temporary basis. Ofcom has given clear and unambiguous assurance that the segments used will be returned once the London 2012 Games are over. The RSGB is looking closely at how the spectrum is used in the designated geographical areas in and around London, Weymouth and South Essex in order to minimise the impact. We will be responding to Ofcom shortly. The RSGB’s response is being coordinated within the RSGB Spectrum Forum by Murray Niman, G6JYB.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper).

04/04/11 – GB3OK back on-air

Just to inform you all, I have been back to the repeater site today, as you probably know gb3ok went off air for several hours this morning, fault has been found and it is now back on the air. Let’s see how long it will be before I have to do, another mercy mission, to the site and start fault finding!

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper).

26/03/11 – The NEW Frequency Programming files

Programming files for the IC-91, IC-92, IC-2820 and IC-880 D-STAR Radios.

UPDATE:  These files are now also available on the download section of this site.

IC-91 – Nov10-IC91

IC-92 – Nov10-IC92

IC-2820 – Nov10-IC2820

IC-880 – Mar10-IC880 – Nov10-IC880

Quick note it appears that both Repeaters are operational again, also dont forget that the RSGB news broadcast from GB2RS on GB3OK on Sunday 20:00 hrs

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper).

19/03/11 – GB3OK is Off-Air

Just to let everyone know, you will not be able to hear the news over the repeater today, I have contacted Steve, via an email, GB3OK has developed a faut it went off air sometime late afternoon yesterday, I don’t know what has gone wrong though 7OK which shares its power supply is still running, it appears that it could be a fuse popped in the base station though until I am be to get uo there, there isn’t much that I can do. This is the first time since the repeater has been running that this has happened, timing couldn’t have been better if we had planned it. Sorry to those who were looking forward hearing the news.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper).

15/03/11 – GB2RS News is now being broadcast via GB3OK

It’s been agreed by Tony G1HIG the repeater keeper and the Radio Society of Great Britain, that RSGB News service GB2RS is now going to be regularly broadcast on GB3OK in Orpington from Sunday 20th March at 20:00 hours and every Sunday thereafter by Steve Woodmore (2E0SPW) which is intended for all radio amateurs and short-wave listeners.

GB3OK is on 70cm Output 430.900 MHz and located in Orpington around 600 feet ASL the repeaters provide good coverage over most of London, South East England and Essex.

Please sign the guestbook and tell us about service.

14/11/10 – Kempton Radio & Electronics Rally on the 7th November

Gary 2EOULA went along to Kempton Rally on the 7th November which again drew attention to our repeaters.

At the rally Gary took along the programming files for the IC91, IC92, 2820 and 880 D-STAR Radios, at the present time some of these programming files are not available on the download section of this site, though if you would like assistance regarding programming then please do not hesitate in contacting either Gary or myself by email and we will assist you further.

Thanks to those who signed the OK Guest book while at the rally and for the handful of donations, these are very appreciated, details of these donations can be found on the donation page.


16/10/10 – Kempton Radio & Electronics Rally on the 7th November

Gary, 2E0ULA will be at the next Kempton Radio & Electronics Rally on the 7th November with our own stand for GB7OK D-Star Repeater / Bromley Repeater Group. Unfortunately, due to other commitments Tony may not be able to attend.

As usual we intend to demonstrate some of the functions available on the D-Star system and what can be achieved in comparison to the traditional analogue system using the internet gateways and reflectors. We will also have along with us a DV Dongle which we hope to have working this time round, (unlike Rainham!!). As usual Gary will have his programming side of things with him, and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about D-Star.

We will have the programming files for the IC91, IC92, 2820 and 880 D-STAR radios from the download section of this site, so if you’re coming along, don’t forget to fetch your radio(s) with you, as we are more than happy to program them for you.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

11/07/10 – Latest addition to our Repeater & Website – GB7OK connecing to the reflectors

Thank you for all those who have been involved in the latest addition to our repeater and website, a personal thank you to Martin our Webmaster and Michael 2E0MRE for the live audio streaming, this has been very successful, the live audio streaming, has increased traffic on both repeaters and it’s all over the internet, also along with facebook and twitter.

A quick update on the current status of GB7OK, as most know we again have found ourselves in the position that we are unable to connect to the reflectors, this is obviously a server problem and we have to rely on Darren G7LWT to sort out this problem, Gary 2E0ULA is already in contact with Darren to get this problem resolved. To all those who have emailed me over the last few weeks regarding this, I am sorry that I haven’t answered them personally there were just too many, but hopefully this update will be good enough. I will keep you posted on any further developments.


29/06/10 – Testing a Live Audio Feed

Once again we offer our thanks to Michael, 2e0mre, for his help.

Thanks to Michael we are testing a new web based “Live Audio Feed” for the repeaters.  The plan is that the feed will mirror both repeaters, showing priority to the D-Star box, gb7ok, reverting to the UHF box, gb3ok, when gb7ok is not in use.  While we are testing the feed it will only be on gb3ok.

Currently, the links open up into a new page, but we aim to embed the player into the website.

To listen to the live feed, Click Here

There is also a link in the main menu under “The Repeaters”.

If you don’t hear any audio there are two possible reasons.  One, your volume is turned down, or two, nobody is using the repeater.

21/06/10 – The BRG is now twittering

With the help of Michael, 2e0mre, the Bromley Repeater Group now has a twitter account:

There is also a ‘mirror page’ on the website:

While we are testing these new features, we’d appreciate any feedback or reports of any problems you may experience.

There is a thread already set up in the forum for any reports. You can find it HERE.

Many thanks.

16/05/10 – Emails regarding 7OK and its operation

Hi folks,

Tony and I have received several emails regarding 7OK and its operation, ranging from ‘how do I..’ to ‘someone disconnected it while I was enjoying what the two foreigners where talking about!’. In the light of this, and to hopefully reduce some of the repeated, (no pun intended!), questions, I have written a document to cover some of the more common situations that people ask about. Hopefully it is of assistance to the many newcomers of the DStar system and as a gentle reminder to some of the ‘veterans’ of the Dark Side!

As I say in the document, it is not an in depth, full user guide, but it is a starting point and as amateur radio is supposedly all about experimentation – good luck and fill your boots!!

Catch you all soon, 73

Gary 2E0ULA

19/04/10 – Kempton Rally on Sunday 18th April was a very successful event

Demonstrating DStar was the main order of the day with contacts to Australia and the States via the reflectors. The best must have been a Belgian talking to Japan on Reflector 1C (reflector for the USA). Chris Taylor G0WTZ at Martin Lynch & Sons informed and thanked us for our demonstration which resulted in them, selling all their stock of the new Icom ID880 radios that they brought with them shortly after midday!

We managed to program around a dozen different DStar radios, handhelds and mobiles including the new 880, (thanks Dave, G7AKM for your help with that). We also received several donations towards the repeaters upkeep.

Also thanks to ICOM UK Amateur Radio Product Specialist John Turner G0KFO for freebies that we were able to give away and the literature that he provided.

It was commented, by the organizers, how busy the stand was for the whole day and that they have already asked us to return in November for the next Rally!!
I’d like to thank everyone who came to see us and kept us busy for the day, and those who kept us in Tea! Thanks to Dave, G7AKM for his help throughout the day and of course to Tony, G1HIG who organized this event.

Hope to speak to you all on the air soon, especially those with their new programmed radios. Gary, 2E0ULA.

05/04/10 – Kempton Radio & Electronics Rally on the 18th April

Gary, 2E0ULA and I will be at the next Kempton Radio & Electronics Rally on the 18th April with our own stand for GB7OK D-Star Repeater / Bromley Repeater Group.

We intend to demonstrate some of the functions available on the D-Star system and what can be achieved in comparison to the traditional analogue system using the internet gateways and reflectors. We will also have along with us a DV Dongle which we hope to have working this time round, (unlike Rainham!!). Once again, Gary will have his programming side of things with him, and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions about D-Star.

We will have the programming files for the IC91, IC92 and 2820 D-STAR radios from the download section of this site, so if you’re coming along, don’t forget to fetch your radio(s) with you, as we are more than happy to program them for you.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

21/02/10 – GB7OK Presentation at the DVRS & Rainham Rally this week

Hi all, yes I am still around and yes I am still active on the radio – you just have to get up pretty early to catch me!! For those of you not aware I am giving a little presentation this Wednesday, (24th February), at the Darenth Valley club on how to use the ‘callsign’ programming in the memory files I produced for the DStar radios. I know its short notice, so Tony G1HIG and I will be at the Rainham Rally this weekend (28th February) with our own table, to answer any questions you have pertaining to the DStar radios or the repeaters. If you ask me really nicely I may even program your DStar radio, (HT and mobile) for you with the Nov09 file, if you haven’t done so already!!

I look forward to seeing you all either Wednesday or Sunday,

73’s Gary 2E0ULA.

14/11/09 – GB7OK now live on the gateway ~ By Justin G0KSC

GB7OK is now live on the gateway. However, it has not been a simple or easy ride.

As most will know, investigations into bringing the D-star gateway to GB7OK started and stalled several times, the main reason for the length of these delays was down to the availability of ADSL Internet connectivity, needed to connect the repeater to the rest of the World. This was for two reasons. The firstly could Internet connection be possible. The second being ADSL availability at all being available due to the distance between the repeater site and the local (or not so local as the case may be) exchange. Read more:

03/11/09 – DStar ~ GB7OK & the Gateway

As I am sure you are all aware, GB7OK is now fully Gateway connected!

This means the DStar system is now available to its full potential in and around the London area. Because of this development, I have ‘volunteered’ to conduct a presentation at the Darenth Valley club, (address below), on 11th November starting around 20:15. I am hoping to demonstrate the system in action and to show people its capabilities and also endeavour to explain some of the intricacies of ‘programming’ the radios.

Darenth Valley Amateur Radio Society
The Crockenhill Village Hall
Stones Cross Road
Kent, BR8 8JH.

Everyone is welcome to attend, DStar & non-DStar users alike, and fetch your DStar radios with you!!

I look forward to seeing you there, Gary 2E0ULA

03/11/09 – George G0TMI Funeral

It is with great sadness to inform you all of the funeral arrangements for the late George G0TMI.

The service will be carried out at: Surrey & Sussex Crematorium, Balacombe Road, Crawley, RH10 3NQ

On Friday 13th November and will commence at 2:30pm

Anyone who wishes to attend the service would they please contact Arthur G0EDV on 07943931036 ASAP.

My thoughts & prayers are with George’s family & close friends for their loss. Jeanette

In addition to the introduction of the GB7OK gateway, we have also made a couple of updates to the website.

Firstly, there are three new downloadable .pdf files on the GB7OK, D-STAR Downloads page.

  1. D-STAR Radios and Operation Basics
  2. Icom Radio Data Cable Connections (schematic)
  3. UK Reflector User Guide

Secondly, we have added a link (also in the GB7OK section of the menu) to the “Last Heard on GB7OK” page of the website.

28/10/09 – D-Star Gateway for GB7OK is now live !

The long awaited D-Star gateway for GB7OK is now live, I would like to thank all who have assisted me with this project, Darren Storer G7LWT from the UK D-Star Interconnect Team for installing G2 Software and spending many days commissioning the gateway, also technical support of Justin Johnson G0KSC installing and configuring Centos operating system on the server.

Also not forgetting Martin Maynard G8CIX for contacting me in the first place to use GB7OK for Amateur Radio Station live from the Plinth in Trafalgar Square, (One & Other Live Artwork) which gave me the push to continue with this long awaited project and the support I received from Ian Lockyer M3INL (Marketing Manager Icom UK).

Regards Tony.

02/10/09 – GB7OK Status Report

On Friday 2nd October GB7OK D-Star gateway project began, the PC server was installed and tested, the ADSL is now activatated thanks to the IT Support from Justin G0KSC. This should be completed next week and on the world wide D-Star network soon.

Regards Tony.

01/10/09 – Martin Maynard on the Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square

One & Other is a live artwork by sculptor Antony Gormley in partnership with skyARTS.

2,400 participants representing every region of the UK each spend an hour alone on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square for 100 days and nights.

On 25th September 2009, Martin Maynard, under the callsign GB1AO, had his hour on the plinth.  He used this hour to do a public demonstration of amateur radio, part of which included D-Star.

Click Here: or on the image to watch the full video.

29/09/09 – PayPal Donations Now Accepted


We have recently had a number of people ask if we could add a method enabling donations via PayPal.In response, we have added a PayPal Donate button to our support page.  This allows you to choose how much you want to donate and gives you the option of paying via your PayPal account or paying with a credit/debit card direct.  All transactions are secure.

Thank you for your continued support.22/09/09 – GB3OK – Back On-Air


GB3OK is now back on-air.

The problem was simply a powerline fuse had blown.

Apologies for the downtime.

17/09/09 – GB3OK – Technical Problem

GB3OK is currently off air due to an as yet unknown technical problem.

So far I have been too busy to get up to the site to investigate, and will probably not be able to do so until Tuesday of next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience.  Service will be restored as soon as possible.

12/06/09 – Redesigned Website

Over the years, the website has undergone a lot of change and some of the information has become out-of-date.  The time has come where we need a complete overhaul.

Rather than trawling through all the pages of the website to correct the out-of-date information, we have decided to create a totally new site. This also gives us the chance to revamp the design.

Thank you for being patient and we hope you find the new site helpful and interesting.

20/05/09 – The Abuse is Back !

Both repeaters over the last week or two have been subject to the abuse of the same nature which has been experienced before, I would just like to say let’s not let the small minded spoil the repeater usage. Keep the repeaters busy and carry on regardless, like you have all been doing and hopefully it will just disappear like it has done before.Regards Jeanette………………

13/04/09 – Proposal by Justin G8YTZ for a Digital TV Repeater in SE London !

Would you support a Digital TV repeater in SE London / NW Kent area?I have recently applied to the RSGB Repeater Management Committee for a new digital TV repeater for SE and East London and would be pleased to enlist your support for this proposal.

Key Technical Objectives (not all delivered on day one!)

Build a digital TV platform that can be easily received with the minimum of equipment and cost (i.e. a digital Satellite box, pre-amp and antenna).This means using the DVB-Satellite format with output frequency in the 23cms band.

Four multiplex channels; two input frequencies, one analogue in 70cms and one digital in 13cms with simultaneous dual operation possible

One HD information channel carrying technical topics material and demonstrations designed to support amateur radio as a hobby at special event stations and possibly GB2RS news broadcasts.

D-Star APRS display and ATV information channel and application development, perhaps SSTV and internet inputs etc.
Sound channels possibly carrying local repeater outputs.

Establish an open-source for groups to develop new applications and ideas for the repeater.

The objectives of the proposed repeater are to:

Encourage the up-take of ATV within the hobby
Encourage home construction of ATV Transmitter equipment and to promote experimentation and self-learning of Digital TV techniques
Encourage new entrants to the hobby via public event station demonstrations of ATV
Encourage amateur radio groups to develop applications on the DVB-S platform and to experiment with new codec technologies and improvements in receiver and transmitter design.
Having fun!

If you would like to support the application, I would be very pleased if you would e-mail me, please feel free to include any ideas that you may have for application or service development or any features you would like to see.

Justin G8YTZ email details

Regards Jeanette………………

09/03/09 – GB4RND Red Nose Day on the Friday the 13th March !

For Red Nose Day 09, Michael Bryans, 2E0UMB a regular user of GB3 & 7OK is going to do something new. He is doing a sponsored ‘Roger and Out’ under Special Event call sign of GB4RND from the Bethlem Royal Hospital, Monk’s Orchard Road, Beckenham, Kent. BR3 3BX, where he will make as many radio contacts as possible over a period of 18 hours to raise money for this great cause. So we are asking all user’s of the repeaters to show him their support and have QSO, as the more contacts the more sponsorship money he can raise. Tony has applied for Special Event Station NoV and will be supporting Michael throughout his 18hours of transmitting. So listen out for him on GB3 & 7OK. If you would like to sponsor Michael please click on the link below.