D-Star for London 2012 Olympic

GB7OK the London D-Star repeater server has been updated with Jonathan Naylor, G4KLX’s IrcDDB software thanks to G4TSN we can access all D-Star reflectors unlike old G2 software, we can now also access to Dplus, XRF and DCS reflectors
Also all four new D-Star nodes in London area have come on air just in time for 2012 Olympics, the nodes are listed to below and as you can see all points of London are coved, giving extensive options for DStar users.MB6IHF Harefield, West London
MB6INL Wood Green, North London
MB6IOK South East London
MB6SS Sutton, South West London

All four nodes will give us access to all Dplus, XRF and DCS reflectors and the four nodes are from time to time connected to DCS005 L ‘L being for London’. Enabling all four nodes to be connected together, I would like to thank G4TSN for providing the DCS London reflector, If you wish to connect somewhere else then please feel free to do so.


Homepage News

The original gb3ok repeater has undergone quite a few changes since it came on air.  It started life as a 2mtr repeater, and later a 70cms repeater, gb3lk, was added.  Recently, the 2mtr gb3ok ceased transmitting when it was replaced with a D-Star repeater which became gb7ok.  Shortly after that, the 70cms repeater, gb3lk, took over the callsign of gb3ok.

So the current setup now looks like this:

GB3OK:  70cms FM – 439.5125 MHz tx – 430.5125 MHz rx – (9 MHz split) 82.5 CTCSS Access (New Frequency)

GB7OK:  2mtr D-STAR – 145.7125 MHz tx – 145.1125 MHz rx – (600 kHz split)

MB6IOK:  70cms D-STAR Node – 430.0375 MHz tx rx – (Simplex D-Star Hot Spot)

Both repeaters continue to share the same site at Chelsfield and simplex D-Star Hot Spot is in Orpington.



15/01/12 – London 2012 Olympic Simplex DStar Nodes

Just to inform you, that the digital node test for the pending London 2012 Olympic Simplex DStar Nodes is planned, it will be a 2 day event next weekend Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of January.

The test will be carried out both on 2m & 70cm in Echo Test Mode Only (without DStar Gateway) between hours of 10am till 4pm. The DStar node will record your digital test transmission and then retransmit it back to you, at the same time you will then be able to see what type of coverage we will have.

DV Node Test Frequency
Saturday 21st on 433.4125 MHz
Sunday 22nd on 145.3125 MHz

The two frequencies for the test are only test frequencies and not permanent, Also Gary, 2E0ULA and Michael, 2E0MRE will be on hand for assistance and talk back will be on to be GB7OK, please let us know how well you can receive DStar Node your information will help! If there are any changes look up Bromley Repeater Group on Facebook.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper)


13/03/12 – 2E1IFF Jamming the D-Star Network

Just to notify you all while talking this evening to Bob M1DMN via MB61OK which was connected to 5a, DMN was having difficulty hearing me during my over and 2E1IFF’s call sign was being displayed, this happened three times, both of us made a comment that it was 2E1IFF’s call sign, on this comment 2E1IFF came back and started to bad mouth us. So 2E1IFF’s reputation, jamming of repeaters has now moved onto Dstar.

It has been noted that each time the repeater is linked to 5a a mobile station is continuously unlinking, they do not wish for the repeater to be connected to 5a.

It makes me ask the question is this culprit a friend of the above?


12/03/12 – New Memory Files

As it’s been over 15 months since the last update and there have been many changes not to mention the three new nodes we now operate, MB6INL, MB6IOK & MB6SS, I decided to produce the new memory files for programming your radios with. As you scroll through the files you will notice that there are some entries that are not complete, this is for the repeaters that are in there final stages awaiting the issue of the NoV, so the files are sort of ‘near future proof’. I did this so that the files won’t necessarily be over a year out of date again next time I get the chance to change them!!


If you find any problems or mistakes, or you have any suggestions for future inclusions, please drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.
Enjoy the files,

73 de 2E0ULA


15/03/12 – Frequency Change for GB3OK

While I was on the phone today Dave G7UZN, stated that there will be a meeting next week or the week after regarding the frequency change for GB3OK due to the Olympics. We have been aware of these changes for some time, though until we are any wiser that is all I can say at the moment, Dave said he will keep me informed. Once I receive more information I will let everyone know on here. So keep looking for future updates


20/02/12 – MB6INL DV Gateway Node

OK guys after the great success of the GMSK Node Adaptor that is now MB6IOK, I couldn’t resist it and took the plunge and applied for MB6INL as a DV simplex gateway node also on UHF.

Firstly, I must say thank you to Steve Morton G8SFR at the ETCC for the very rapid response to my application and OFCOM for the equally as speedy issuing of the NoV, applied on the Saturday evening, received the issued license on the Thursday afternoon – only 5 days later, including a weekend!! By the time you get to read this MB6INL will have had its preliminary tests and will be fully operational whenever I get the chance to fire it up, (it’s an attended node only, so it will be mainly evenings and daily some weekends.) To begin with, all traffic passing through the system will be logged and recorded automatically so I can keep a tally on its use and coverage which means I won’t require coverage reports, but if there are any problems, issues or recommendations then please feel free to email me. I look forward to hearing you through MB6INL on 430.025 MHz,

73 2E0ULA

17/02/12 – GB7OK Wednesday Night Net

Due to the recent increased activity on 7OK, Colin G1LQT has kindly volunteered to resurrect the Wednesday Night Net. Colin has informed us that he will start the net next week, (22 Feb 12), around 19:30 hours and all are welcome. The intention is to have this every week, but due to his work commitments Colin has said he will not be able to attend/control every week, so more volunteers are welcome to step forward and cover the net controller position! Let’s hope the gateway/server is behaving itself so the net can capture a wider audience!

Look forward to Wednesday 73 de 2E0ULA


12/02/12 – GB7OK and MB6IOK have been extremely busy all weekend

It has been noted that GB7OK and MB6IOK have been extremely busy all weekend, I have listened briefly and it was good to hear the special event station aboard US Medway on Saturday which is out of service many years and is a museum.

Youtube Video Link: MB6IOK & GB7OK DStar London – USS Medway.

It has also been noted that my call sign has been listed on the last heard list on Saturday, it appears that someone else is using my callsign ident not only has mine been used but also G6XFI, this caused quite a lot of disruption and went on for most of day, this is obviously a new way of being a nuisance on the repeater and this has increased only since the new node has been on air, so again this has obviously upset someone, we all probably know who it is? Most will know it is very unlikely that I am even on the radio over the weekend or weekday evenings, what is ironic that mine and G6XFI’s that are being used, this must be due to the fact that we are founder members of the Bromley Repeater Group. So if you see my callsign and you haven’t heard me, it will be more or likely impersonator.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper)


22/01/12 – Update MB6IOK Simplex DStar Node

After several weeks of testing, 70cm DStar Node MB6IOK went live on sunday 22nd of January 2012.

MB6IOK is the first simplex DStar Hot Spot in the London area located in Orpington, South East of London to provide Digital Voice (DV) coverage to many users and giving access to the DStar system for London 2012 Olympics.

MB6IOK – 70cm simplex GMSK node (Hotspot, D-Star access point) is on air on 430.0375Mhz. and is running firmware developed by Dutch*Star and uses DVAR Software to link through the internet.

MB6IOK willbe operational weekday evenings and all day over the weekendand will be found the majority of the time cconnected to reflector REF001C until further notice.

Regards Tony (Repeater Keeper)