D-Star for London 2012 Olympic

GB7OK the London D-Star repeater server has been updated with Jonathan Naylor, G4KLX’s IrcDDB software thanks to G4TSN we can access all D-Star reflectors unlike old G2 software, we can now also access to Dplus, XRF and DCS reflectors
Also all four new D-Star nodes in London area have come on air just in time for 2012 Olympics, the nodes are listed to below and as you can see all points of London are coved, giving extensive options for DStar users.MB6IHF Harefield, West London
MB6INL Wood Green, North London
MB6IOK South East London
MB6SS Sutton, South West London

All four nodes will give us access to all Dplus, XRF and DCS reflectors and the four nodes are from time to time connected to DCS005 L ‘L being for London’. Enabling all four nodes to be connected together, I would like to thank G4TSN for providing the DCS London reflector, If you wish to connect somewhere else then please feel free to do so.