Supporting the Bromley Repeater Group

Your Help is Always Appreciated

The Bromley Repeater Group is non-committee style user group which is constantly expanding. Individuals are volunteers who give their time freely and who want to assist Tony, G1HIG the repeater keeper, in one way or another with the upkeep of GB7OK the 2mtr D-Star Amateur Radio Voice Repeater and GB3OK the UHF Amateur Radio Voice Repeater with EchoLink covering London, Essex and North West Kent.

We are a totally independent, non-profit organisation and receive absolutely no funding from any other source. So far, all the costs for developing this project, the purchase of the equipment, the site rental and all peripheral expenses, have been bourne by member’s donations. However, the continuing success of GB3OK and GB7OK will depend on us being able to collect funds from the Radio Amateurs that frequent the repeaters. To this end we turn to you for assistance.

Please assist us by making a small donation to the group. No amount is too small. All contributors (known as “Supporting Members”) will receive a mention on the Supporting Members page of our website (with a link to your e-mail and website addresses if you want it).