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The original gb3ok repeater has undergone quite a few changes since it came on air.  It started life as a 2mtr repeater, and later a 70cms repeater, gb3lk, was added.  Recently, the 2mtr gb3ok ceased transmitting when it was replaced with a D-Star repeater which became gb7ok.  Shortly after that, the 70cms repeater, gb3lk, took over the callsign of gb3ok.

So the current setup now looks like this:

GB3OK:  70cms FM – 439.5125 MHz tx – 430.5125 MHz rx – (9 MHz split) 82.5 CTCSS Access (New Frequency)

GB7OK:  2mtr D-STAR – 145.7125 MHz tx – 145.1125 MHz rx – (600 kHz split)

MB6IOK:  70cms D-STAR Node – 430.0375 MHz tx rx – (Simplex D-Star Hot Spot)

Both repeaters continue to share the same site at Chelsfield and simplex D-Star Hot Spot is in Orpington.